These are the 10 best ideas of the year 2024, which will completely change your life.

How can I completely change my life?

Like every year, the year 2024 is also about to end.

You never knew when another year came and went from your life. But have you thought about what you learned from this year?

10 best ideas: If you are not able to understand anything even after remembering, then we have brought for you some special tweets which have the ability to say a very deep thing in very few words. They leave after teaching a lot about life

10 best ideas of the year 2024. Twitter writer named Sahil Bloom had shared these tweets and these 10 ideas can be very useful for you.

What 10 things can I do now to have a better life?

What 10 things can I do now to have a better life?

These 10 things are very beneficial for the liver

Mindful eating tips that can help in losing weight

How do I change my life for the better? What are some ideas?

10 Life Changing Ideas

How do I change my life for the better? What are some ideas?
How do I change my life for the better? What are some ideas?

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If you choose the difficult path, you will surpass 90 percent of the people.

You have options every moment in life. Should we eat junk or healthy food? Should one take bath with cold or hot water in winter? Want to go exercise or relax at home?

Want to watch Netflix or work on your skills? If you choose the difficult option every time, you can be more successful in life than more than 90 percent of the people.10 best ideas of the year 2024, You have to work to achieve luck.

You have to work to achieve luck

Often you will find people saying – That actor became a star overnight or the luck of that actor shined. Actually, this game of luck and destiny also happens only with those people who are continuously trying.

Your small daily habits have the potential to put you in such a position that when you achieve a big goal in your life, they start calling you lucky.

10 best ideas of the year 2024,Therefore, keep trying continuously to achieve your goals so that luck also falls in your lap.

Take a walk, if not for the body then at least for the mind

Conflict has reduced considerably in modern lifestyle. You can order food, pay bills, watch the world’s best web series on TV for hours while sitting at home, but sitting continuously is dangerous for you.

Research has shown that walking is very effective for your creativity and your brain. If you do not exercise then just half an hour walk is very good for your mental and physical ability.10 best ideas of the year 2024,Paradox of Effort.

Paradox of Effort

If you are fond of cricket then you must have seen the batting of Brian Lara or Yuvraj Singh. Many fans see his batting and ask how is this player so artistic? How are his shots so effortless?

The truth is that these people have made a lot of efforts to become effortless. If you also want to make any of your work in life wonderful, excellent and effortless, then you need to put equal effort into it. This is the Paradox of Effort.10 best ideas of the year 2024, Work like a lion, not a sheep.

Best workout time for weight loss

Work like a lion, not a sheep

Often you must have seen that many people finish their office work quickly but after that, to free up time in the office, they indulge in gossip or any such unnecessary thing. Whereas people should work like lions.

Make a strategy in your mind regarding work, complete your work very quickly. After this, take some rest and then repeat the same process once again. Due to this, your productivity can increase a lot.10 best ideas of the year 2024, Interview the parents.

Interview the parents

There is no assurance in life. The Corona period has once again proved this. Technology has made us so capable that we can record anything. Ask your parents to tell you stories from their childhood.

Ask to talk about their dreams, adventures and fears. They may not be there tomorrow but with the help of these videos they will always be with you.10 best ideas of the year 2024, Spotlight Effect.

Spotlight Effect

It is true that most people are not concerned about you. According to the spotlight effect, we care more about whether people notice our actions.

But this does not happen. If you feel very strongly about something, then never shy away from expressing your views. Express your views honestly and sensitively.10 best ideas of the year 2024,

Two basic mantras to be successful

If you want to be successful, you either have to learn how to make something or you have to learn how to sell something.

If you are not very good at the technical level and do not know how to create something with the help of coding, then you must know the art of selling. If you are good at the art of selling then you can be very successful in life.10 best ideas of the year 2024, Surfer Mentality.

Surfer Mentality

When a surfer is enjoying amidst the sea waves, he knows that his fun is only for a few moments because after some time the sea waves will come and end his joyride. This mentality of a surfer is very powerful which is useful in dealing with the waves of life.

Paradox of Advice

In the age of internet, you will get advice on everything but most of them can prove to be harmful for you. The more people you take advice from, the more your mind will get distracted.

Do your research but don’t start looking at your life according to others. Take decisions after assessing your shortcomings, strengths and challenges, otherwise it will become difficult to do anything in today’s modern era.

10 best Ideas That Can Change Your Life Forever


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